• Revolutionaries (Shifters) by Douglas Pershing,Angelia Pershing,

Revolutionaries , (Shifters) , 0997512938, 9780997512939

With Ryland missing and presumed dead, Tanner--at only fifteen--finds himself leading a multi-planet revolution that could destroy everything he loves. As the uprising strengthens, Rian and his council show just how far they'll go to punish those who lend allegiance to the rebels. Tanner must find a way to unite rival factions against an enemy that will do anything to destroy him.

Meanwhile, Ryland tries to make sense of her new reality. A friend, a confidant, a savior has led her to the truth. Everything she thought she knew is a lie, and now in order to save everyone she has to halt the rebellion she and Tanner started. Even if it means she has to kill the leader, her own brother. As her abilities mature she finds herself more powerful than ever, but at what cost?

Ryland--the girl he's come to love--suddenly fighting against their revolution, Kai's world, and heart, are thrown into chaos. Kai knows he must win her back in order to accomplish anything. How far will he go to bring them back together?

Revolutionaries (Shifters)

  • BookRevolutionaries (Shifters)
  • Author:Douglas Pershing,Angelia Pershing,
  • ISBN:0997512938
  • ISBN-13:9780997512939
  • Binding:Paperback
  • Publishing Date:2016-11-14
  • Publisher:Pershing Books
  • Language:English
  • Number Of pages:400