• Reliant's: Price (The Collector Series) (Volume 2) by Stephen Logsdon

Reliant's: , Price , (The , Collector , Series) , (Volume , 2) , 0986140236, 9780986140235

IN BOOK ONE, when the scientific survey ship Odysseus set out on her fateful last voyage, humanity was all alone in the galaxy. It appeared open for expansion without boundary, and for years this held true as the assumption grew that the stars were made for us alone. But that luck had to end sometime, and when it finally did, it reaffirmed that the universe could be a very treacherous place. Despite this, Barrett Hannum was the lucky one. Because, even though he was on that fateful ship, he was only one of two to survive the seizing of it by aggressive alien entities. He also lived long enough to be rescued. NOW IN BOOK 2, the cards are stacking up once again. Humanity is confronted with yet another alien encounter, with yet another possible hostile species. This time, it’s Odysseus’s sister-ship, the Reliant, and whether by misunderstanding or not, first-contact is done with weapons and not words of friendship. With the backing of the military, aboard a well-armed destroyer, he will have to delicately balance on the razor’s edge, between its heavy hand and an unknown alien force inclined in pushing humanity into an all-out war.

Reliant's: Price (The Collector Series) (Volume 2)

  • BookReliant's: Price (The Collector Series) (Volume 2)
  • Author:Stephen Logsdon
  • ISBN:0986140236
  • ISBN-13:9780986140235
  • Binding:Paperback
  • Publishing Date:2016-10-18
  • Publisher:Stephen Logsdon
  • Language:English
  • Number Of pages:290