• Nowhere Is Safe by Zain Baig

Nowhere , Is , Safe , 1460271033, 9781460271032

There's a cold and calculated murderer at large in Boulder, Colorado. Having killed ten people already, the police are no closer in discovering who is behind these grizzly murders, only that the body count is adding up at an alarming rate. With a plea to the public to remain in their homes they continue their search for the killer, whose motives for murder are baffling, yet equally disturbing. When Adem sets off to meet up with his cousin over the Christmas holidays, he hears the warning over the radio and then fear sets in. Given the killer's apparent location, he is aware of the peril that exists. However, a dramatic twist of fate takes him wayward on his journey and, after his car skids off the road, he finds himself on foot in the middle of nowhere, fighting for his own survival amidst a threatening blizzard. Just as all hope seems lost, he stumbles across an old mansion and pleads with the servant to help him in his time of need. But, the mansion holds a dark and sinister secret, and the owner, charming yet mysterious. As Adem ensures his safety from the hellish weather and the anonymity of the killer at large, will he discover where the true danger lies? Are the ghost sightings threatening or a warning for him to leave? The forbidden hallway, strange sightings throughout the building and an unknown entity who enters the mansion late at night, create a chilling atmosphere to this spine-tingling tale.

Nowhere Is Safe

  • BookNowhere Is Safe
  • Author:Zain Baig
  • ISBN:1460271033
  • ISBN-13:9781460271032
  • Binding:Paperback
  • Publishing Date:2016-05-24
  • Publisher:FriesenPress
  • Language:English
  • Number Of pages:168