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  • The Narcissist You Know: Defending Yourself Against Extreme Narcissists in an All-About-Me Age
    Views : 33
    Pages : 272

    by: Joseph Burgo

    Publisher: pTouchstone

    Book Description

    A guide to defending oneself from narcissism in the selfie age.

    The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is the reference used to diagnose mental disorders. In the fifth edition, released a few ye ... more

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    ISBN-10: 1476785686

    ISBN-13: 9781476785684

    Language: English

  • Survival Time: A Handbook for Surviving a Violent Incident
    Views : 387
    Pages : 128

    by: Aimee Olivas Wayne R. Hill

    Publisher: pCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

    Book Description

    A psychologist and his daughter offer readers advice on how to handle dangerous encounters.

    “Violent incidents are steadily on the increase in this country,” warn the authors at the beginning of this survival manual, and “most p ... more

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    ISBN-10: 1516868668

    ISBN-13: 9781516868667

    Language: English

  • Strangers Drowning: Grappling with Impossible Idealism, Drastic Choices, and the Overpowering Urge to Help
    Views : 236
    Pages : 336

    by: Larissa MacFarquhar

    Publisher: pPenguin Press

    Book Description

    A New Yorker staff writer delves into the strange lives and curious mindsets of extreme altruists.

    In her debut book, MacFarquhar profiles a small, unusual collection of people who have sacrificed almost everything to help others ... more

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    ISBN-10: 1594204330

    ISBN-13: 9781594204333

    Language: English

  • Rising Strong
    Views : 185
    Pages : 336

    by: Brené Brown

    Publisher: pSpiegel & Grau

    Book Description

    More solid advice from the author of Daring Greatly (2012) and The Gifts of Imperfection (2010).

    For nearly 15 years, Brown (Social Work/Univ. of Houston) has researched human behavior and ... more

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    ISBN-10: 0812995821

    ISBN-13: 9780812995824

    Language: English

  • F*ck Feelings: One Shrink's Practical Advice for Managing All Life's Impossible Problems
    Views : 380
    Pages : 384

    by: Michael I. Bennett Sarah Bennett

    Publisher: pSimon & Schuster

    Book Description

    Psychiatrist Michael Bennett and his comedy-writer daughter, Sarah, combine to demonstrate “why self-improvement is hard and sometimes impossible, even when we’re strong-willed and well guided.”

    First, a word about the invectives ... more

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    ISBN-10: 1476789991

    ISBN-13: 9781476789996

    Language: English

  • DEPRESSION DELUSION, Volume One: The Myth of the Brain Chemical Imbalance (Volume 1)
    Views : 271
    Pages : 388

    by: Terry Lynch

    Publisher: pMental Health Publishing

    Book Description

    In this first of three planned volumes, an Irish doctor and psychotherapist discusses the lack of scientific evidence for a long-held, widespread theory of depression.

    Lynch (Beyond Prozac, 2001, etc.) provides hundreds of quotes ... more

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    ISBN-10: 1908561017

    ISBN-13: 9781908561015

    Language: English

  • Triumph of the Heart: Forgiveness in an Unforgiving World
    Views : 374
    Pages : 288

    by: Megan Feldman Bettencourt

    Publisher: pAvery

    Book Description

    One writer’s journey through learning about the many forms forgiveness can take.

    We’re living in a time of rage, anger, censure, and punishment online, where any misstep is treated grievously with heaping helpings of shaming. The In ... more

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    ISBN-10: 1594632634

    ISBN-13: 9781594632631

    Language: English