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  • Toward a Balanced Message: Biblical Completeness for a Broken World
    Views : 231
    Pages : 144

    by: Lucien Bracquemont

    Publisher: pWestbow Press

    Book Description

    A debut book examines the increasing divide between conservatives and liberals among Christians and in the nation.

    “The potential of Christianity for good has remained untapped and unrealized,” writes Bracquemont, as he dives into ... more

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    ISBN-10: 1490892761

    ISBN-13: 9781490892764

    Language: English

  • The Healing of Gaia: How Children Saved the Earth
    Views : 470
    Pages : 108

    by: M.C. Nelson

    Publisher: pPublished by Westview

    Book Description

    In Nelson’s (Chrysalis, 2015, etc.) illustrated blend of fact and fable for all ages, children around the world join in meditation and other practices to rescue the Earth from global warming.

    Our planet is ... more

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    ISBN-10: 1628800917

    ISBN-13: 9781628800913

    Language: English

  • Blanket of Hearts
    Views : 285
    Pages : 228

    by: Robert A. Cozzi

    Publisher: pRobert A. Cozzi

    Book Description

    Cozzi’s (Handful of Memories, 2014, etc.) new poetry collection dwells on the intoxication of romantic love. 

    Built from short lyrics, typically 20 lines or less, these pieces contain a l ... more

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    ISBN-10: 0692716610

    ISBN-13: 9780692716618

    Language: English

  • Banish the Bitch and Bring Out the Babe: Find Your MR Right. the New Rules for Finding Love
    Views : 243
    Pages : 272

    by: Lisa B.

    Publisher: pLisa B Group Pty Ltd

    Book Description

    A life coach makes the case to balance feminine and masculine energy for better connections with others and oneself in this debut self-help guide.

    The author, in an increasingly sexless marriage with “Mr. Beige,” came to rea ... more

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    ISBN-10: 1925471055

    ISBN-13: 9781925471052

    Language: English

  • The Rising Black Star
    Views : 380
    Pages : 194

    by: Nadine Wright

    Publisher: pNew Friends Publishing

    Book Description

    A teenage boy falls in love and battles with his father in the years leading up to Ghana’s independence.

    In this debut novel, Wright tells the story of Ani Baknu, son of a privileged Ghanaian couple. The book opens in 1948, when the ... more

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    ISBN-10: 1940354390

    ISBN-13: 9781940354392

    Language: English

  • Disruption
    Views : 451
    Pages : 406

    by: Chuck Barrett

    Publisher: pSwitchback Press

    Book Description

    Covert operative Jake Pendleton returns to stop a possibly devastating cyberwarfare alliance between North Korea and Iran in Barrett’s (Blown, 2015, etc.) latest series thriller.

    Jake’s latest assignment as emissary for Virginia esp ... more

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    ISBN-10: 0988506181

    ISBN-13: 9780988506183

    Language: English

  • The Essence of Ethical Pragmatism: The Common Sense Philosophy
    Views : 497
    Pages : 210

    by: E. Dennis Brod

    Publisher: pLulu Publishing Services

    Book Description

    An updated version of philosophical pragmatism, offered as a cure for all that ails the world.

    It’s typical for politicians from both sides of the aisle to offer what they label “common-sense” solutions, but without specificall ... more

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    ISBN-10: 1483454355

    ISBN-13: 9781483454351

    Language: English