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  • How to Configure and Equip Your Warehouse
    Views : 346
    Pages : 336

    by: Keith MacDonald

    Publisher: pFriesenPress

    Book Description

    In this manual, two materials-handling equipment salesmen detail how to determine the best equipment and layout for new and existing warehouse buildings.

    In an introduction, experienced sales reps MacDonald and Binns (Exerci ... more

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    ISBN-10: 1460278348

    ISBN-13: 9781460278345

    Language: English

  • The Startup Checklist: 25 Steps to a Scalable, High-Growth Business
    Views : 355
    Pages : 320

    by: David S. Rose

    Publisher: pWiley

    Book Description

    An entrepreneur outlines how to build a venture that can successfully go public or be acquired in this business guide.

    Rose, a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and founder and CEO of funding platform Gust, draws on “the ag ... more

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    ISBN-10: 111916379X

    ISBN-13: 9781119163794

    Language: English

  • Pulling Levers: Building an Inspired Culture and Driving Winning Results Through Focus on the Four Ps
    Views : 141
    Pages : 194

    by: Jim Lipuma

    Publisher: pCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

    Book Description

    A business-advice book that explores the four most important “levers” for leading an organization.

    Alliteration can occasionally be overdone in business books, but sales and marketing professional Lipuma (Lead from the Fr ... more

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    ISBN-10: 1533512574

    ISBN-13: 9781533512574

    Language: English

  • Truly Global: The Theory and Practice of Bringing Your Company to International Markets
    Views : 316
    Pages : 0

    by: Anna N. Schlegel

    Publisher: pFriesenPress

    Book Description

    A debut book provides advice from a localization expert for companies that want to go global.

    Schlegel, who ran her own translation company and worked both in Europe and the United States on translation and localization for numerous e ... more

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    ISBN-10: 1460287045

    ISBN-13: 9781460287040

    Language: English

  • Embracing Change From the Inside Out: Game-Changing Options for Transforming Self, Team and Company
    Views : 386
    Pages : 176

    by: David B. Winkelman

    Publisher: pWinkelman Solutions

    Book Description

    In his debut, business consultant Winkelman offers advice on accepting and implementing change—both personally and professionally.

    In Winkelman’s strategy for successful adaptation, he emphasizes the power of images, encour ... more

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    ISBN-10: 0997631503

    ISBN-13: 9780997631500

    Language: English

  • The Journey of Not Knowing: How 21st Century Leaders Can Chart a Course Where There Is None
    Views : 40
    Pages : 266

    by: Julie Benezet

    Publisher: pMorton Hill Press

    Book Description

    Benezet offers a management handbook geared toward the unconventional in the modern business world.

    In her nonfiction debut, Benezet, a consultant and executive coach, takes an unusual approach to laying out a broad selection of busin ... more

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    ISBN-10: 0997813903

    ISBN-13: 9780997813906

    Language: English

  • Messy: The Power of Disorder to Transform Our Lives
    Views : 417
    Pages : 304

    by: Tim Harford

    Publisher: pRiverhead Books

    Book Description

    An award-winning economist celebrates the myriad advantages of clutter and disarray.

    Economist and journalist Harford (The Undercover Economist Strikes Back, 2014, etc.) is an unabashed supporter of messiness, and his book, a clear ... more

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    ISBN-10: 1594634793

    ISBN-13: 9781594634796

    Language: English